Be Certain Your Family is Ready

Avoid costly and time-consuming proceedings, such as guardianships and probates, by getting your legal and financial affairs in order before you need to make difficult decisions.

I help families by preparing living trusts, wills, and powers of attorney in the most efficient and cost-effective way so that they can better manage illnesses and end-of-life care.

“I chose Mr. Van Horn to prepare my revocable trust and associated documents about three years ago. I was so impressed with Grayson’s work that we had him prepare a trust for my mother and sister as well. About one year after that, my mother became extremely ill and unable to attend to her own affairs. The durable power of attorney and trust Grayson prepared for her became invaluable in the months to come. I highly recommend Grayson for anyone who cares about their estate and their family.”
— Bill W.


A living trust is a separate legal entity from you as an individual that serves to hold all of your property. This enables you, as the trustee and beneficiary, to avoid probate—going to court or filing documents—thus maintaining complete control over your financial affairs. 

Living Wills

A living will is an advanced directive for health care. With a living will, your wishes about using or withdrawing life sustaining treatments can be spelled out before you are faced with such situations, easing family decisions during difficult times. With a living will, you can also appoint a health care proxy to make these end-of-life-care decisions, if you become incapable of doing so.


A will ensures that the distribution of your property is your decision—not the state of Oklahoma's. With a will, you can also appoint a preferred personal representative for any situation in which you become unable to direct your own affairs. 

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney enables you to appoint someone to act on your behalf, for both business and medical matters, if you are mentally or physically incapacitated.

Guardianships & Probates

If you haven't secured power of attorney for financial affairs, a guardian might be necessary. I can assist you in the court proceedings required to appoint a guardian for an incapacitated friend or family member. Probate is the process whereby the court determines who receives your property, and I can assist you with all the court filings and paperwork to probate a will or handle an intestate (without a will) estate.